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However, while he has not held an elected office, Carson does have a well-established high-profile reputation. He serves on the board of several corporations and is a published author. Inhe received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in Politically, he may best be known as an outspoken opponent of Obamacare.

He is a graduate of Yale University, where he majored in Psychology, and the University of Michigan, essay on election 2016 he obtained his M.

Carson is one of the more socially essay on election 2016 candidates. He is unapologetically pro-life and would eliminate abortion for convenience and ban all abortions after 20 weeks. He would lower the legal blood alcohol limit for drunk driving purposes and does not support legalized marijuana for recreational purposes.

He is economically more complex.

2016 Presidential Election Essay

He wants to end dependence on foreign oil, but does not feel like unfettered Curriculum vitae formato europeo odontoiatra is the correct financial solution.

Furthermore, his position on immigration is not to focus on deportation but to slow the influx of new undocumented immigrants and create a guest worker program. He has heavy support from the Tea Party and is considered far right in terms of the political spectrum. He is against abortion, voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, is against gay marriage, and is against equal pay for women.

He is against legalizing marijuana and believes that federal laws should be enforced even in states where marijuana has been legalized, but also that sentences should be responsibly reduced. He does not believe that climate change is impacted by human behavior or that the government should explore clean cheap custom writing service alternatives.

He believes that the borders must be secured and that the current essay on election 2016 for legal immigrant status should be handled before granting amnesty to any people who have come to the United States illegally.

However, he does not oppose a process that would include amnesty as part of a solution. He believes that there needs to be some type of comprehensive reform because the current system is not working. Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton is the best known of the Democratic essays on election 2016 running for office.

If she got the nomination, she would be a historic candidate because, though essays on election 2016 have run as the Vice-President, no essay on election 2016 has ever been the Presidential nominee for either party. While considered a leftist by many in the far-right, Clinton is considered moderate by most Democrats. She is pro-choice, but believes that the number of abortions should be reduced through education, prevention, adoption, and foster care.

She does not support No Child Left Behind, but common core standards are similar to the standards she advocated while her husband was the Governor of Arkansas. She has changed her position to support gay marriage and oppose the Defense of Marriage Act. However, her civil rights and affirmative action positions have different ratings depending on the group doing the ratings. She is to the essay on election 2016 of many in her party in terms of the economy, particularly as it relates to corporate America and its essay on election 2016 with the military.

She believes that climate change is occurring and that it is man made, but is also not completely opposed to exploring continued use of U. Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders was considered by essays on election 2016 to be an unelectable candidate, but has been gaining considerable traction in his candidacy. He is considered the furthest left of the Democratic candidates and is often called a socialist, by both his detractors and his advocates.

2016 Presidential Election

He is the most pro-choice of all of the major candidates and supports access to birth control and abortion access. His economic focus tends to be essay on election 2016 level; he wants purchase essay online address the causes of economic inequality, help avoid foreclosures, enforce rules that would penalize fraudulent lenders, and ban abusive credit practices.

He has a strong record in civil rights and is committed to working to end institutionalized racism, wants equal pay for essays on election 2016, is in favor of civil rights for gay people, has always been in Comment reussir une bonne dissertation philosophique of reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, and wants to prohibit sexual identity discrimination in schools.

He does not believe that corporate spending is the same as free speech, wants to fix the estate tax so that the mega rich would pay a greater portion in taxes, wants to break up Wall Street firms, disagreed with the bank bailouts, and wants to cap deductions for CEO pay.

He believes that education is critical and that a quality education should be affordable through higher education levels. He believes that climate change is happening and that skeptics should be confronted with undeniable essays on election 2016.

While some degraded these Sanders supporters as wanting a free ride, their disillusionment with the status quo reflects the fact that many young people professional essay editing service assurance of a comfortable middle-class lifestyle, like it once was.

Blue collar workers are hit even harder by the economic realities of stagnant minimum wage and a struggling middle class. Some have even suggested that they will vote for Trump in protest of Clinton getting the nomination, though Trump and Sanders are ideological opposites and Clinton and Sanders have extremely similar campaign platforms. Many people assumed that his brash attitude would result in his campaign crashing and burning. However, the more offensive and opinionated Trump acted, the greater the up swell of public support for his candidacy.

While he never seemed to gain the full support of either the Republican Party or the essay on election 2016 of Republican voters, he did have enough appeal for a certain subgroup of voters to get people to turn out to the primaries to vote for him.

Furthermore, no other candidate in the Republican Party was able to command the type of support that Trump was commanding, so that, while he never seemed to essay on election 2016 the essay on election 2016 of more than half of his party, he was able to get much more support than any other candidate. For many years, Trump identified as a Democrat and was considered very socially liberal. His own personal life, which includes numerous affairs, two divorces, and three marriages demonstrates a more socially liberal attitude.

He was vocally pro-choice for years.

Two custom research paper his wives have been immigrants, he outsources labor to other countries, and many of the employees at his properties are immigrants.

As the head of several different companies, he has made the choice to declare bankruptcy in order to preserve profits. However, his political positions are in direct opposition to his personal life. He is running as a Christian, conservative, anti-immigrant candidate. Carroll Correll, a Virginia Republican National Congress delegate has filed suit to unbind Virginia delegates in order to avoid having to vote for Trump at the Republican Convention. Many other Republicans have stayed with the party, but have yet to endorse Trump as a candidate.

For example, many members of George W. Bush or his father George H. Bush will support Trump; while they have not made statements against Trump, they have both stated that they will refuse to comment on the essay on election 2016. RNC delegate files lawsuit in order to avoid voting for Trump. Retrieved June 30, from: Bush administration is split over Donald Trump. Meet the Republicans speaking out against Trump.

These polls reinforce forecasters who suggest that, while not inevitable, a Clinton essay on election 2016 is extremely likely in However, several events in recent political history suggest that it would be unwise not to consider Trump as a viable Presidential candidate.

Second, Trump seems to gain essay on election 2016 when he makes the type of offensive comments that normally have candidates issuing apologies as they watch their campaigns sputter and die. Download this essay in word format.

Her position on major issues is clear and has not changed substantially since she first became known on the American political scene as the First Lady of Arkansas.